The future of SAILea is bright. With growing membership, increased offerings, and heightened interest around AI, we're expanding our leadership team and launching new initiatives. Among these initiatives are the AI50 Initiative to establish a SAILea club in all 50 US states, the development of a web platform, and the founding of an amateur journal. To drive these initiatives, we're recruiting a team of passionate leaders, primarily enrolled as an undergraduate students at a four-year university. Available positions include Board Member, Editor in Chief, SAILea Journal, VP, Communications and Marketing, VP, Education, VP, Software, and VP, Operations. Below are the descriptions of the available positions and an application form. 


Board Member

Role Description

The SAILea Board is the chief advisory body of SAILea, overseeing the operations of the SAILea Leadership Team, setting the long term vision, and leading special projects. A board member is expected to be a vocal leader with abundant experience to draw upon. Responsibilities include:

Expected Time Commitment

As primarily an advisory position, board members can expect a more relaxed time commitment, estimated at 1 hour per week. 

Editor in Chief, SAILea Journal

Role Description

SAILea is launching an amateur journal to provide high school students the opportunity to display their research and recieve recognition for their hard work. Read more about this initiative here. With help from board and leadership team members, the Editor in Chief will lead this initiative. Since this person will be responsible for leading the review of submissions, SAILea is seeking someone pursuing a degree at the graduate level or with significant AI research. This person will be responsible for:

Expected Weekly Time Commitment

Since the Editor in Chief will need to devote considerable time to establishing the journal's presence in this early stage, they can expect to commit 2-3 hours per week to these pursuits. 

VP, Communications and Marketing

Role Description

The Vice President of Communications and Marketing is a key leadership role within SAILea, dedicated to elevating the organization's visibility and engagement across multiple platforms. This individual is tasked with strategizing and executing comprehensive marketing and communication plans that promote SAILea’s events, courses, and initiatives to a global

audience. Key responsibilities include:

● Developing and implementing a cohesive social media strategy to enhance engagement and grow our following on platforms such as Instagram, Reddit, and LinkedIn.

● Marketing speaker events, live courses, and interactive resources through innovative campaigns and partnerships.

● Maintaining regular communication with member AI clubs and individual members to foster a vibrant community and ensure alignment with SAILea's mission.

● Overseeing the creation of marketing materials and digital content, ensuring consistency with SAILea's brand identity.

● Analyzing and reporting on the effectiveness of marketing strategies and campaigns to continually refine our outreach efforts.

Expected Weekly Time Commitment

While the role is described as requiring 1-2 hours per week, the dynamic nature of communications and marketing activities—especially in a rapidly evolving field like artificial intelligence—may necessitate flexibility. The VP of Communications and Marketing should be prepared to allocate additional time as needed for special campaigns, event promotions, and strategic planning sessions.

VP, Education

Role Description

The Vice President of Education plays a pivotal role in ensuring the quality and operational efficiency of SAILea’s educational offerings. This position involves overseeing the development, organization, and quality control of educational resources and courses. Responsibilities include:

● Managing and updating the SAILea shared drive with the latest AI resources, ensuring easy access and organization for all members.

● Supervising the creation and distribution of educational content, working closely with resource managers to maintain high standards of quality and relevance.

● Coordinating course registrations, attendance, and participant inquiries, providing exceptional support and guidance to students interested in AI.

● Overseeing the recruitment, training, and management of course instructors, ensuring they are well-prepared to deliver engaging and informative sessions.

● Implementing strategies to enhance the educational impact of SAILea, including feedback collection and program improvements.

Expected Weekly Time Commitment

Given the managerial and operational demands of the VP, Education role, the estimated time commitment of 1-2 hours per week may vary based on the academic calendar, course schedules, and specific project needs. Flexibility and a commitment to exceeding expectations are essential, with potential for additional hours during peak periods of course registration and resource development.

VP, Software

Role Description

As SAILea continues to expand, the need for a centralized web application, where club leaders and members can interact with our resources, see a calendar for club and SAILea activities, manage membership and attendance, create lesson plans, seek advice from SAILea leadership, and chat amongst themelves has become critical. Coined SAILea+, this platform is scheduled for launch in early 2025. To reach this goal, SAILea is searching for a experienced programmer, particularly in full-stack web development, to lead the software team as it plans and creates the necessary front-end, back-end, and database systems for this platform. Key responsibilities:

Expected Weekly Time Commitment

While SAILea is creating this platform, there will be a high demand on developers. Combined with the leadership orientation of this position, the VP of Software will be expected to put in consistent work on the platform, estimated at 4-5 hours per week to meet our goal for launch in Early 2025. While this position has signficant demands, it serves as a great way to hone programming skills and boost one's technical experience. 

VP, Operations

Role Description

In order for SAILea to function, a wide array of operations must be executed promptly and precisely. The Vice President of Operations position is integral to the organization, and SAILea is seeking a detail-oriented leader for the role. Responsibilities are as follows:

Expected Weekly Time Commitment

The VP of Operations position has an expected time commitment of 1-2 hours per week, with an emphasis on the prompt completion of tasks.