Past Events

AR and VR Technology

Richard Marks is a professor at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill in Computer Science and the School of Data Science & Society. He has a long work history at PlayStation as well as Google ATAP with a combined 100+ patents to his name. In this speaker event, Dr. Marks discussed how AR and VR have changed throughout recent history with the help of ambient computing environments and discussed what the future of these technologies will look like combined with even more innovation in AI. [Watch Recording]

Human Resources AI- NASA

Jessica Morgan is an Operations Research Analyst at LMI and supports NASA OCHCO (Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer) where she works in strategic workforce planning. In this speaker event, Ms. Morgan discussed how machine learning models have made it easier to improve employee morale and optimize productivity and efficiency in the workplace. [Watch Recording]

Machine Learning Models in Public Health

The Scholastic Artificial Intelligence League welcomed Dr. Michael Kosorok for an "Ask Me Anything" Speaker Event. Kosorok, a distinguished professor and one of the "founding fathers" of precision health, discussed dynamic treatment regimes. Simply put, Kosorok is a strong believer that the future of health care involves utilizing precise treatment to optimally treat deadly diseases, like Cancer and Diabetes. [Watch Recording]

AI for Sustainability

In Spring 2022, DeepScience CTO Dahl Winters spoke to SAILea members. Winters discussed how her company is utilizing AI to fight climate change. In particular, Winters, a Duke, UNC, and CSU alumna, went into detail on using image processing to determine where topographies around the world are being affected by changing environmental conditions. [Watch recording]

Storytelling with NLP

SAILea invited UNC-Chapel Hill Computer Science Professor Snigdha Chaturvedi to discuss her latest research in Natural Language Processing. In the event, Chaturvedi presented her NLP storytelling algortithm, and answered questions about how narrative NLP works and how she got into AI. She also gave her advice on how to pursue a computer science and AI education. 

Liftoff 2021 AI and Programming Competition

Liftoff 2021 is an online competition tailored for high schoolers interested in AI and programming. Congrats to Lexington High School on winning the competition! Website here!


The Algonquin Regional High School AI club invited Dr. Yu Qiu of Sanofi to give a seminar on AI-accelerated Drug Discovery, an exciting technology that harnesses the power of Deep Learning to save lives.