Artificial Intelligence is the future.

Everything in our lives is touched by AI. From YouTube recommendations to superhuman chess engines to medical diagnostics, we are interacting with machine intelligence more and more, often without even realizing it. AI's limitless potential and accelerating growth means everybody should become AI-literate.

Learning about AI is like learning how to drive a car. You don't need to know how the engine works to know how to have it take you places you could have never gone before. That's why AI clubs can be so impactful. Anyone can become a member and learn about the magic of AI.

At the basis of Artificial Intelligence is Computer Science, which is why SAILea has expanded to welcome computer science clubs and offer CS resources. By registering your club to SAILea, you will help engage the next generation of leaders and write the future of AI and the world itself.

Do you want to help us achieve our goal of spreading AI to high schoolers everywhere?

If so, the SAILea Leadership Team has several available positions. We are looking for primarily undergraduate students with a passion for AI/computer science and experience with leading organizations. Click the link below to learn about our open positions and vision.