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SAILea is a nonprofit network of high school AI clubs working to educate the next generation of AI aficionados and foster community around one of the world's most enticing technologies.

Our mission: to spread AI to every high school in America.

Everybody should have the opportunity to learn about and contribute to the greatest technology of all time. 

That is why we are on a mission to demystify AI and bring it to every high school in America through the creation of student-led AI clubs around the country. AI clubs bring Artificial Intelligence to the student and use engaging discussion, fascinating lessons, and self-directed projects to foster a passion for the subject.

We can only succeed with your support. Whether you're the president of an existing AI club or seeking to start your own, we welcome you with open arms to join our effort to bring AI to all. 

For students, by students. 

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Here's how we can help.

Engaging Events

Never run out of things to do! Our events can boost your club by giving concrete targets to shoot for and providing great incentives.

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Tailored Content

Our continuously growing pool of notebooks, presentations, and content-based discussion ideas is specifically tailored for school clubs and makes complex ideas accessible to everyone. You can view a sample here.

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Growing Community

You will fit right in with our a network of leaders and innovators. Our Discord of AI aficionados welcomes you! It's the perfect way to share ideas and resources and forge connections between clubs.

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